We're adamant believers that the best way to mix up your fitness routine can be found on two wheels. And with a lightweight frame for hard and fast workouts, and a fit born from Body Geometry science that makes the bike feel like an extension of your body, the Sirrus must be considered a key player on your fitness team. Go ahead and crank that intensity dial to 11—the Sirrus is ready to help you get fitter, stronger, and to become the version of you that you've always been aiming for.

Tech Features

WHAT Based on Body Geometry Fit rider analysis, this flat-bar-specific geometry features a low standover, a slack seat tube angle, and a long reach that puts you in a more comfortable and efficient position during your workout. The design also improves stability and confidence, while aligning your knees over the pedals for increased efficiency. This comes with the added benefit of allowing your arms and shoulders to relax for a more ergonomic position, too. In short, you'll be able to push yourself harder and enjoy better handling and a more stable and comfortable ride as you as you burn up the miles.
WHAT With this simplified gearing system, you’ll be powering up hills and coasting on the flats without the need to overthink your gearshifts. Bikes featuring Cruise/Climb gearing have a new sub-compact crank with two chainrings—a 48T and a 32T. One is great for cruising, the other for climbing efficiently. Cruise/Climb offers a wide range of gearing capability that’ll simplify your ride.
WHAT It’s important to be efficient and comfortable as you’re racking up the miles, whether you’re exercising or commuting. Body Geometry saddles and grips help you at two key contact points—your hands and your backside. Ergonomically designed and scientifically tested, our saddles and grips optimize comfort and blood flow to sensitive areas, increasing your ride enjoyment and efficiency. Select models also feature Body Geometry pedals, which are designed with a varus angle to counteract the collapse of the foot and keep your knee properly aligned.
WHAT The Plug and Play system provides a clean look and allows for fast and easy, direct frame mounting of the Plug and Play Fender set. No additional hardware is needed—the fender struts mount directly into dedicated holes in the frame and fork.