Ready to roll and dressed to kill, the Sirrus thrives on getting you there fast, and in comfortable style. Its GO! GO! GO! attitude comes courtesy of the road-inspired, lightweight alloy and carbon frames, making it a prime candidate for beat-the-traffic commutes, heart-starting weekend rides, or the event you’ve always dreamed of completing. It’s got all the function of road bike, but with that extra confidence you get from a flat bar. Fit is dialed and ready, right out of the box, so there’s really only one way to ride this versatile beast—flat out.

Tech Features

WHAT High-performing, experience-specific drivetrains that evolve through the line.
WHY To create high-quality, durable drivetrains that provide the most efficient, intuitive, and smoothest experience for the rider at each level–with an emphasis on wide gear ranges.
HOW As you move through the Sirrus line, the experience changes: the gears move with you. The base model accommodates all riders with a triple crankset with a wide gear range for easier climbing, while the top end has 1x11 gearing for ultimate performance.
WHAT Body Geometry ergonomic grips and saddles designed to work perfectly for fitness and commute riding.
WHY To optimize comfort and blood flow at these key contact points, while increasing efficiency.
HOW Ample padding and patented Body Geometry design assure maximum blood flow to sensitive areas. Targa grips use triple-density rubber.
WHAT Newly designed, flat bar-specific geometry with lower standover, slacker seat tube angle, and longer reach.
WHY To create the most efficient and comfortable fitness-riding position right out of the box, without major adjustments or swapping components.
HOW Body Geometry Fit professors analyzed fitness riders and found that a longer toptube puts riders in the most comfortable, yet efficient position. The new design closely resembles the geometry of a traditional road bike, and provides confidence and stability while allowing your arms and shoulders to loosen in a more ergonomic position. Slackening the seat tube allows better alignment of your knees over the pedals, increasing efficiency and comfort while pedaling.
WHAT New FACT 9R carbon disc frame with true Fitness Geometry and Plug and Play fender compatibility.
WHY To provide a compliant, comfortable bike to riders looking for road bike speed with flat handlebar fit and control, plus the versatility of all-weather riding.
HOW Carbon fiber allows engineers to create a lightweight frame with additional compliance, leading to a fast, confident ride. The Plug and Play fenders make rainy day riding a breeze, with easy installation and sleek aesthetics.