A fatigue-fighter, the Secteur is on a mission: to inspire you to ride further, and help you reach your goals in maximum comfort. With Zertz and FACT carbon fork to reduce road vibration, the Secteur’s alloy frame delivers a ride that’s fast, smooth, and a great value. A century, that Gran Fondo you read about, or just holding your own on a weekly group ride—these are excellent aboard a Secteur.

Tech Features

WHAT An ultra-efficient approach to aluminum frame design that produces the optimal combination of ride properties for the experience at hand.
WHY Increases compliance and improves stiffness where its needed for the best all-around performance and handling.
HOW Through methodical tube shaping and enhanced weld techniques, our engineers manipulate every aspect of the frame for experience-specific performance.
WHAT FACT carbon fork with Zertz inserts.
WHY Decreases weight and absorbs road vibration, while increasing strength and stiffness of fork to create a quicker-handling bike.
HOW Carbon has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than alloy, so the fork’s carbon blades are stiffer and lighter weight, which creates a more responsive, predictable front end. Zertz inserts are integrated into the mid-section of each leg to dissipate vibrations from the road, helping to reduce rider fatigue.
WHAT Frame geometry that puts riders in an efficient, yet comfortable riding position.
WHY To maximize comfort while still providing efficiency.
HOW Engineers have developed the perfect balance between upright comfort and sporty geometry.